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Upper and Strap Injection Moulding Machine


1. About Machine
Upper and strap injection moulding machine is mainly composed of main machine, auxiliary machine and disk feeder. It is specialized in production of straps for PVC flip flops. An upper and strap making machine is the best choice to produce straps of flip flops.
2. Types
Upper and strap injection moulding machines can be divided into two types, namely JIC506B and JIC806. There are several distinctions between them.
(1) Main machine diameter of JIC506B is 50mm, while that of JIC806 is 60 mm.
(2) Clamping force of JIC506B is 80T, while JIC 806 has larger clamping force of 100 T.
(3) Mould size (max.) of JIC 506B is 350 × 350 × 120 mm, which is suitable to produce the common upper and strap. JIC806 upper and strap injection moulding machine is appropriate for flip flops strap of larger size because its mould size (max.) is 400 × 400 × 100 mm.


Because there are various machines with different workstation number (6/8/10/12), customers should check parameters of upper and strap injection moulding machine to avoid buying ones in unwanted workstation number.


1. Pre-Sale Service
To check quality of our upper and strap making machines, customers can use the machine to mould any product according to samples they want. Customers can also watch the process of operation of machines in our company, or we send product processed by the upper and strap injection moulding machine to customers by express or post.
2. In-Sale Service
Flimsy fittings are freely attached to each machine in case that old ones go wrong or need to be changed immediately. Warranty period of one year is offered to each upper and strap injection moulding machine, during which we can change inartificially damaged main parts like dynamos, oil motors into new ones. But flimsy fittings referred above excluded.
3. Other Service
Once it is received, we will assign a technician to install the upper and strap injection moulding machine and train staff to use it if necessary. During this period, customer should be responsible for cost for the technician on visa, air plane tickets and accommodations. Our company can also introduce experts for young-established factories.

Upper and strap making machine from Jili Co. applies a hydraulic motor and is designed in overall layout, which makes work process stable. High accuracy of our machine assures exact measurement of material. Oil cylinder diameter of our flip flops injection moulding machines is 250 mm, which is different from common diameter (220 mm) of those by other manufacturers. Clamping force of our machines is 80 T, 20 T larger than that of machines of other companies.
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