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PVC Sole Injection Moulding Machine

PVC Sole Injection Moulding Machine


1. PVC sole injection moulding machine is specialized in production of PVC soles of air blowing slippers, sandals and flip flops.
2. Under controlling of PLC and humanized interface, PVC sole injection machine is easy to operate.
3. It is easy and safe to manipulate the PVC sole making machine even without specialists.
4. Switches are applied in injection mouth, which saves circulation time and increases yield in production.
5. Quality of products is promised because of large injection volume and powerful clamping force of PVC sole injection moulding machine.
6. PVC sole injection machine is controlled by double proportion system. It assures quality of products because injection speed, material volume and pressure are controlled and adjustable.

Parameters of JIC724A PVC Sole Injection Moulding Machine

Item Specification (A) Specification (B)
Type JIC724A JIC724B
Raw Material PVC PVC
Workstation 24 24
Injection Volume (Max.) cm3 770 770
Rated Injection Pressure MPa 75 75
Heating Power KW 7 7
Limit of Temperature Point 4 4
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0-150 0-150
Screw Diameter mm θ70 θ70
Motor Power KW 19 19
Clamping Force T 60 60
Mould Size (Max.) mm 460×220 × 300 460 × 220 × 300
Mould Height mm 135-300 50-300
Machine Size mm 4050 × 4050 × 2250 4050 × 4050 × 2250
Gross Weight kg 6500 6500
Jili machines have gained good reputations both at home and abroad by virtue of the high-quality, effective and considerate services. Our PVC shoe sole injection moulding machines have been widely sold to countries like Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and countries in Central Asia.
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