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Single Color EVA Shoes Mold

Single Color EVA Shoes Mold


EVA material is injected into EVA injection foaming mould and made into shoe parts through high temperature procedure. Single color EVA shoes mould is specialized in producing single color EVA shoes and shoe soles.


(1) Single color EVA shoes mold can be applied in productions of shoe soles of sneakers, board shoes, climbing boots, etc. We also offer customized single color EVA shoes moulds.
(2) Sole accessories can be produced by the shoes mould.
(3) The single color shoes mould can produce once-foaming shoes.

(1) EVA one color shoes and soles can be produced by single color EVA shoes mould.
(2) High-quality aluminiun alloy as row material makes it durable.
(3) It is water-poof and anti-skidding.
(4) Advanced technology keeps efficiency high.
(5) Accurate CNC and 3D designing is offered.
(6) All procedures meet requests from customers.
(7) Once-foaming is applied in single color EVA shoes moulds.

1. Single color EVA shoes molds are produced under tests of strict quality standards. Moulds will not be deformed even in high temperature of 400 ℃. Four tests applied to check quality before shoe moulds are put into market.
2. Single color EVA shoes moulds are made from aluminium alloy of a famous brand in Guangdong province.
3. Experience of more than ten years advances quality and service of our products greatly. We established a professional research and development team and our single color EVA shoes moulds are praised by customers at home and abroad.
4. We have considerate after-sale service. Service centers are established around the world to offer services of repairing, consulting and maintenance. With present business target of market expansion, we price single color EVA shoes moulds cheaper than that of major manufacturers in China.

Parameters of Single Color EVA Shoes Molds

Color One Colors
Product Shoes (Slippers, Sandals, etc.) / Shoe Soles
Material Aluminium Alloy
Mould Style One Pair per Mould
Mould Size L(405-600) × W(240-580) × H(110-255) mm
Weight 30-250 kg
Package Hardboard
Process CNC / Casting
Production Temperature 175℃-210℃
Shoe Stretcher Free
Delivery Time 25 Days after Confirmation of Wooden Mould
Mould Life > 5 Years

Purchase Attentions about Single Color EVA Shoes Mould

(1) Usage Scope of EVA Shoes Mould
(2) Working Hours
(3) Mould Size

(1) Delivery by Ship
(2) Payment by L/C or T/T
Jili is located in famous Shoe-Made City of China---Jinjiang, Fujian. We are specialized in machines for production of slippers, sandals and sneakers in materials like EVA, PVC, TPR and RB, etc.
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