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Product List

Rotary Rain Boot Machine


1. Rotary Rain Boot Machine
Rotary PVC boot making machine is a rain boot injection machine for PVC rain boots of both adults and children, and PVC safety shoes and shoes in other materials like TPR, EVA and RB. We provide machines (for both adult rain boots and children rain boots) with 12/14/16 workstations to customers to meet their needs.
2. Components
Rotary rain boot making machine is mainly composed of clamping system, injection system, controlling system, hydraulic system and disc feeder.
3. Products by Machines
Products by rotary PVC boot making machines range from PVC single/double color rain boots for adults and children to PVC safety shoes. The machine is suitable for PVC, TPR, EVA and RB material.


1. Rotary rain boot making machines are controlled by PLC system and information is displayed in touch screen under industrial human-computer interface operation.
2. With proportional hydraulic system, the machine works rapidly and accurately.
3. Data is recorded by digital measurement, which promises high accuracy.
4. Production material is tightly sealed during melting and the backpressure of melted material is optionally controlled, which greatly develops quality of shoes products.
5. Our rotary PVC boot injection machine is rationally designed to make it easy to operate even without professors.
6. Rotary rotay PVC boot making machine is specially designed for producing rain boots. It’s automatic, economical, efficient and easy to operate.
7. Different sizes of rain boots can be produced at the same time. Sandals and rain boots can be produced simultaneously, too.
8. PVC boot making machine is specifically used for producing single and double color rain shoes.
9. With logically special oil way design, it is of high speed, efficiency and capacity.
10. Refined temperature control system and preheating mould equipment make products bright and no-waste.
11. Mould case makes mould easy to maintain and prolongs mould life.
12. With mechanical arm, adjustment of rotary PVC boot injection machine is convenient.


1. Pre-Sale Service
To check quality of our rotary PVC boot making machine, customers can use it to mould any product according to samples they want. Customers can also watch operation of rain boot injection machine in our company, or we send sample to customers by express.
2. In-Sale Service
Flimsy fittings are freely attached to the machine in case that old ones go wrong or need to be changed immediately. Warranty period of one year is offered to each rotary PVC boot injection machine. During warranty period, we can change the inartificially damaged main parts like dynamos, oil motors, oil cylinders etc into new ones, but flimsy fittings referred above excluded.
3. Other Service
Once the rotary PVC boot making machine is received, we will assign a technician to install the machine and if customer requests, we would train staff to use the rain boot machine. During this period, customer should offer spending for the technician on visa, air plane tickets and accommodations. Our company can also introduce experts for young-established factories.


The rotary PVC boot injection machine needs regular maintenance, including lubrication and cleaning, besides, the screws should be examined in case that they loose.
Machines from Jili are outstanding for their high mechanical strength, powerful clamping system and subtle transformation, etc. The gland system works with single cylinder, which makes pressure high and products well-distributed with little fins. Servo motor is selectable for rain boot making machine, which helps reduce noise and electric energy consumption by 30%.