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Sandal Shoes Injection Machine


Sandal injection moulding machine is specialized in EVA/PVC/TPR/RB shoes production, including products of one/two color EVA sandals, PVC sandals, PVC crystals etc. Thermoplastic materials of PVC, TPU, TPR and RB are available to put into production by our sandal injection machine. With professional air blowing device, the sandal injection moulding machine can produce soft and nice-looking sandals with material 20%~30% less than that in traditional ways. Besides, mould cooling system increases quality and quantity of production.

Features of Sandal Injection Moulding Machine

1. Rest material can be recycled. Even products made by mixture of old material and new material are in high quality.
2. Operation is easy and humanized under PLC and proportional controller, meanwhile, injection pressure in mould closing system is controlled and adjustable.
3. Sandal injection moulding machine applies large-diameter screw to increase injection volume. Digital automation and double proportional pressure controlling can adjust injection volume and injection speed to meet needs of various products in different shapes.
4. PLC and HMI are employed in controlling system, which makes sandal injection machine function stably and easy to operate.
5. Sandal injection moulding machine is designed in compact structure and covers only a small area for work.
6. Mechanical movement is accurate, stable and rapid, and it increases production a lot.
7. Two sets of circuit systems work independently to provide injection pressure and flow.
8. Powerful clamping force of sandal injection moulding machine avoids pressure leakage.


1. Pre-Sale Service
To make sure quality of our sandal injection moulding machine, customers can use the machine to mould any product according to samples they want. Customers can also watch the process of operation of machines in our company, or we send products processed by the sandal injection machine to customers by express.
2. In-Sale Service
Flimsy fittings are freely attached to every sandal injection moulding machine in case that old ones go wrong or need to be changed immediately. Warranty period of one year is offered to each machine, during which we can change inartificially damaged main parts like dynamos, oil motors, oil cylinders etc, but flimsy fittings referred above excluded, into new ones.
3. Other Service
Once the sandal injection moulding machine machine is received, we will assign a technician to install the sandal injection machine and train staff to use it if customer requests. During this period, customer should offer spending for the technician on visa, air plane tickets and accommodations. Our company can also introduce experts for young-established factories.

Our company supplies a series of high-quality shoes making machines which gain good reputations among customers at home and abroad, especial in countries like Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and countries in Central Asia. If you want to know more, contact us.