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Air Compressor

Air Compressor


The air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor. Its main components are dust screen, oil filter, oil separator, lubricating oil, suction pressure regulating valve, compressor body, motor, oil cooler, after-cooler, belts, automatic temperature adjuster, unidirectional valve, drying machine, automatic drain valve and electromagnetic valve. Our company employs air compressor from Yaoquan Electrical Equipment Co., LTD as a part of shoes auxiliary equipments. It can work with only single power source and condensed air. This gas compressor has cooling system inside, which makes installment easier.


An air compressor is widely used in manufactures, including production of shoes, trade marks, decals, umbrellas, raincoats, portfolios, reticules, stationeries, air blowing toys, water beds, sun louvers and vacuum packages, etc. Besides, soft/hard leather and cloth in PVC (20%-100%) can also be processed by the air compressor.


High volume compression set is applied into the gas compressor and rotation speed of the rotator is low enough to realize the optimum oil injection, which promises high efficiency and reliability. The latest improvement assures low temperature of compressed air, so all parts of the air compressor can perform best within long working life.
(1) It possesses properties of high stability, efficiency while low vibration and noise, etc.
(2) The twin-screw rotors are coordinated with machine enclosure through controlling, which reduces the air backflow and increases efficiency because of no spare inter-space.
(3) Lubricating oil has functions of sealing, cooling and lubrication for machine.
(4) Compared with reciprocation compressor, our air compressor has advantages of lower breakdown rate and less vulnerable parts. Besides, vibration and noise are weaker than that of compressors from other manufacturers.
(5) Water cooling and air cooling are applied. Cooling system of the gas compressor is designed in plate-fin structure. High quality material endows compressor with high heat dissipation rate of the cooling system and makes the cooling system pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
(6) Multiple air filter in the air compressor can remove 98% dust (with accuracy of 1 um). It has large working surface and long work life.
(7) With the latest material, the oil/gas separator can filter oil/gas at a higher rate, and the ratio of oil to air is below 2 ppm.
(8) Operation is under intelligent control. With statistics displayed accurately on the control panel, it is more convenient for operators to manipulate the air compressor.

Installment and Debugging

1. Choose the most suitable place in the air compressor room before its installment, because the first key point is to set an independent air compressing center. Experience proves that controlling the machine as a whole is the best way to realize economic operation, convenient maintenance, comfortable manipulation. Besides, integrity management of the air compressor can reduce noise and help the workshop to keep ventilated.
2. It is necessary to choose a special area to place the gas compressor, because dangers caused by noise, ventilation of the machine, high temperature should be noticed. Besides, various matters should be taken into consideration, including condensate discharge, combustible, harmful substance, workshop expansion and workshop maintenance etc. The air compressor can also be installed outside doors if no indoor workshops are available. But a weather enclosure for the air inlet and anti-freezing measures for cooling jacket and discharging opening are needed.

Parameters of Air Compressor

Type FG-40 FG-50 FG-75 FG-100 FG-150
Capacity/Working Pressure (m3/min/MPa) 0.36/0.7 0.48/0.7 0.67/0.7 0.9/0.7 1.5/0.7
Power (KW) 3 4 5.5 7.5 11
Weight (kg) 150 200 260 328 450
Machine Size(mm)
L × W × H
1166 × 450 × 810
1375 × 500 × 970 1450 × 550 × 1070 1555 × 625 × 1175 1625 × 670 × 1370
Cylinder Diameter ×
Cylinder Number
80 × 2 80 × 3 100 × 2 100 × 3 120 × 3
Rotation Speed 870 760 870 830 735
Air Storage Tank (m3)
0.08 0.13 0.17 0.25 0.3
(1) Cooling copper tube system of the air compressor applies high efficient cooling fins to release heat and dehumidify air.
(2) Compression ring and oil wiper ring are precisely designed and consume very little lubricating oil. Besides, carbonization of the valves and burning of bent axles are restrained.
(3) Valve discs apply special valve steel of ASSAB and are dealt through processes of precision turning, grinding and stress relief, which endows valves with high strength, tenacity and shock resistance.
(4) Air cleaner of the air compressor can remove solids particulates efficiently and has powerful noise-reducing function.
(5) The dense streamline air flues on the cylinder head make heat dissipation more efficient.
(6) Connecting rod is precisely processed and bored by special machine, and depth of parallelism can be controlled within the standard scale. It can promise the stable running of the air compressor and reduce oil loss.
(7) Belts pulleys are revised through rigorous power balance, which makes the gas compressor function stably.
(8) The automatic unloading gear is accurate and makes operation safer.
(9) Diameter of the ingenious cylinder is of high accuracy. Through CNC mechanical processing, the cylinder is wear-resistant and durable.
(10) With surface-hardening treatment, the bent axle is of high wear-resistance.
(11) Made from high-quality material, bearings of the air compressor have long work life.
(12) It can work with only single power source and condensed air. This gas compressor has cooling system inside, which makes its installment easier.

Purchase Notices
When choosing an air compressor, customers should take needed pressure into consideration. Drift diameter of the pipe and turning points have impact on the pressure, too. Smaller drift diameter and turning points, less loss of pressure. Hence, the compressor should be in a short distance to the pipes, and the diameter of pipes should be amplified. So pipes should be installed near to the air compressor as soon as possible.
Two more facts we should pay attention to are volume and flow.
(1) Have general understanding of volume and flow of gas appliances, then multiple the numbers by 120%, the answer is the data you need.
(2) Choose right machine according to the data given by designers before a new project.
(3) Get information about the specification of the air compressor.
(4) Modification of the gas compressor is based on the original data and factual demands.
A rational way to choose the compressor can benefit both users and the working time of air compressors. An overlarge compressor results in resources wasting. While an undersized compressor results in overload working or insufficient air supply.
It is very important to control the relation between power with three other elements, including working pressure, volume and flow.
If the power is constant, volume, flow and working pressure will change with the change of rotation speed.
(5) Main Factors
Pressure (MPa)
Discharge pressure should be 0.2 MPa higher than actual discharge pressure. You should pay attention to two things: 1. actual pressure; 2. pressure drop of pipe and clarification system.
Air Delivery (m3/min)
1. Air Delivery Needed at Present
2. Air Delivery Needed in the Future
3. Leakage in pipes
(6) Other Factors
On Power Source
1. Single Phase: 110V / 220V / 240V
2. Three Phase:220V / 380V / 440V
On Environment Protections
1. Oil Lubrication
2. Oil-free Lubrication
Installment Ways
1. Movable Type
2. Stationary Type
Cooling Methods:
1. Air Cooling
2. Water Cooling
On Noise
1. Open Type
2. Box Type
Controlling Ways
1. Semi-Automatic Control
2. Full-Automatic Control
3.Co-work of Semi-Automatic/Full- Automatic Control
High efficiency is prior.

Operation and Attention

Operation of the air compressor should obey the standard regulations.
1. Before start of the gas compressor, please make sure all the protective devices and safety accessories are in normal condition, and check whether the lubrication meets standards.
2. The gas tank and pipe joint should be inspected once a year, besides, overall inspections and water pressure test for the gas tank of the air compressor should be conducted every three years. Details about the inspection information should be recorded. Information on working pressure and next inspection date should be noted on the surface of the gas tank. Only gas tank with the quality certification of regular inspection can be put into use.
3. Safety valve pressure of the air compressor is adjusted according to the working pressure. Besides, the safety valve should be checked once upon its starting and start up automatically for test once a week. It should be adjusted right according to the standard pressure gauge every six months and sealed by lead. Pressure gauge should be inspected and sealed well once a year. Pointer must be changed if it can not go to zero, or the scale is blurry or broken.
4. During the inspection and repair for the air compressor, sundries like wood, metal and cloth should be avoided to drop into the cylinder, gas tank and pipe.
5. Machine should be kept no-load running for 10 min after it is cleaned with diesel oil and it is put into working only after no malfunction occurs.
6. No repairing is conducted during working and high pressure condition of the machine.
7. If malfunctions such as abnormal noise, smell and vibration occur, halt the air compressor and solve the problem immediately.
8. The motor of the water-cooled gas compressor can be start up only after the water valve is cooled down. It must be halt if there is no cooling water or water supply is cut off. If it is a high-voltage motor, operators should go to the electrical room for permission about the startup. Handle manipulations according to safety procedures for electrical operations.
9. Only operators for the air compressor and assigned persons approved by the accountable department are permitted into the machine room. Combustibles and explosives are forbidden in the machine room.
10. Operations and maintenances are conducted only by qualified operators.
11. Motor of the air compressor must not work with its rotation direction reversed. After the initial startup and inspection, make sure that the motor rotates in the right direction before it is start up for normal work.
12. Dismantlement can be conducted only after the working temperature declined to the environmental temperature.
13. Special lubricating oil for twin-rotor screw compressor is advised for our air compressor. Mixture of lubrication oils of different brands is forbidden.
14. No modifications on the gas compressor are allowed without permission of its manufacturer.
15. Please use the authentic accessories for modifications to promise the reliability and security of the air compressor, because the original accessories are designed in professional purposes.
16. Do not jam the air inlet of the gas compressor during working.
17. Air compressed by the machine can not be used for breath unless the machine is noted to supply air for medical application.
18. Forbid working of the air compressor under the pressure and temperature which are out of available scale.
19. If malfunction rises during working, halt the machine and solve the problem immediately.
20. Use special tools for maintenance.
21. After the maintenance, make sure all the safety devices are reinstalled and tools removed, then the air compressor can be started up.


1. Before repairing the machine or change the accessories, please release the high pressured air, cut off the pressure sources and electric power, sign safety marks to forbid switches on.
2. The frequency to change the cutting oil depends on various aspects, including working temperature, humidity and air composition etc. A new air compressor must change its cutting oil into new one after it is running for 500 hours. Then the cutting oil is changed every 4000 working hours. If the machine works less than 4000 hours every year, cutting oil should be changed once a year.
3. The first oil filter must be changed into new one after working time of 300-500 hours since initial running of the air compressor. Then, the oil filter will be changed every 2000 working hours.
4. Prevent sundries from falling into the main engine of the gas compressor during the maintenance or when changing the air filter or air inlet valve. Besides, entrance of the machine should be closed. When above operations on maintenance are finished, you should twirl the main engine for several rounds with hands before the startup of the air compressor.
5. The tightness degree must be checked every 2000 working hours of the compressor. Belts should be tightened rightly if it is loose. Belts should be protected from oil pollution.
6. Oil filter should be changed if oil is changed.
7. Accessories from the original manufacturer are the first choice to exchange the old ones in case of malfunction.

Packaging and Delivery

1. All items offered by us are packaged in standard safety regulations. The packaged cargoes are damp-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, rough-handling-proof, which promises cargoes are safely delivered to customers.
2. A product list is attached to each pack.
3. Package, marks and certifications of the cargoes meet national regulations and requirements of customers.
4. Customer can assign staff to our factory to check product quality and supervise the loading procedure of machines.
5. The cargo is delivered 7 days after we receive down payment and the base condition for running the machine is assured qualified in a written notice.

Payment (L/C T/T Cash)

(1) 30% of the cost is paid in advance after the signature of the contract.
(2) 40% of the cost is paid after the cargo is delivered.
(3) 20% of the cost is paid after the cargo is received and checked by customers.
(4)Payment of 10% of the cost is prolonged for one year as the quality assurance.

After-Sale Service
Warranty period of our products is one year. In this year, machines can be delivered back to our factory for repair because of non-artificial breakdown, while postage is offered by customers.
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