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Rubber Sole Injection Moulding Machine

Rubber Sole Injection Moulding Machine


1. Rubber sole injection moulding machine is specialized in production of one/two color rubber soles.
2. Slip form is automatically operated, which makes manipulation easy to female workers.
3. Rubber sole making machine works in a bi-directional way, and mould can be clamped with its opposite part in safe way.
4. Every workstation can work respectively under independent controlling. Operators can choose workstations they need, which reduces electric power wasting.
5. Integrated circuit is applied to control rubber sole injection machine. The machine is operated through computer-human interaction interface, making manipulations more convenient.
6. Workstation is designed in a special insulated way, thus thermal energy is saved and work environment is optimized.
7. All valves of hydraulic system are imported from abroad, which makes rubber sole injection moulding machine more energy-saving.
8. Sulfuration time is controlled automatically according to size of moulds.
9. Several workstations can be co-operated by just one worker.

Parameters of JIC1506 Rubber Sole Injection Moulding Machine

Item Unit Specification
Type JIC1506
Raw Material RB
Heating Source Electricity, Steam, Heat Transfer Oils
Workstation 6
Layer 2
Distance between Layers mm 180
Mould Size (Max.) mm 400 × 450
Mould Height mm 70-150
Clamping Force T 150
Distance of Slip Form (Max.) mm 760
Main Motor Power KW 15
Mechanical Motor Power KW 5.5
Machine Size mm 7900 × 2400 × 2100
Gross Weight kg 15500
Flimsy fittings are freely attached to rubber sole making machine in case that the old ones go wrong or need to be changed immediately. Warranty period of one year is offered to each machine, during which we can change the inartificially damaged main parts like dynamos, oil motors, oil cylinders etc, but flimsy fittings referred above excluded, into new ones.
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