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Color Mixer


Plastic color mixer is a device to mix plastic material and color master batch with blades in high rotation speed for the purpose of mixing color and drying materials. It is widely used in various plastic industries. Its main parts are rack, main cylinder, discharge head and control box, etc.

This machine is a vertical color mixer which is specialized in mixing powdery and granular materials. It is easy to operate and maintained because of its simple structure. Besides, it has advantages of high speed and efficiency. This machine is mainly used for plastics, but it can also be applied in metallurgy, ceramics, etc. We have plastic color mixers of six types with mixing capacity ranging from 25kg to 300kg., which can meet various needs of customers.

(1)The material tank and stirrer inside the tank are made from stainless steels. Through high polishing, they are easy to clean.
(2)This color mixer can mix materials well in short time. It is with low energy consumption while high efficiency.
(3) Actuated operation is designed in the material outlet, which makes the unloading of material more convenient.
(4) Device can stop running automatically after working for 0-300 hours according to settings. Interlock is applied to promise the security of operators.
(5) Body and frame of the plastic color mixer is welded firmly.

Type Capacity(kg) Power(KW) Rotation Speed Machine Size
VCG-25 25 0.75 62 710 × 640 × 850
VCG-50 50 1.5 62 830 × 790 × 960
VCG-100 100 3 62 960 × 860 × 1180
VCG-150 150 4 62 1170 × 890 × 1360
VCG-200 200 5.5 62 1190 × 1120 × 1430
1. This four-wheel vertical color mixer is conveniently movable because of its small size.
2. Speed reducer applies cycloidal-pin wheel to make noise low and keep it durable.
3. It is of high efficiency while low energy consumption.
4. Tank cover and tank bottom are moulded by stamping, which makes them accurate and durable.

Purchase Notices
1. Chose the right plastic color mixer according the daily workload. 10min is spent on a complete processing of a batch of materials by a highly efficient mixer, including 6 minutes of mixing processing and 4 minutes to inlet and outlet the materials. Hence, 6 batches of materials can be processed every hour. So, if a batch of materials is 100kg, then 600 kg materials can be processed. Costumers can choose a vertical high-efficiency color mixer if needed.
2. Pay attention to the outlet way of materials. Choose the large opening instead ones whose openings on the size or at the bottom are small. It can make materials mixed evenly in short time. If materials discharge from the side opening or bottom outlet, it will take long time and delay production rate. Beside, over-stirring will separate materials and break the uniformity, which makes a vertical high-efficiency color mixer in vain.

Operations and Attentions
1. Inspection before Operation
(1) Check if the stirring blades are fastened well or lubrication is finished.
(2) Start up the plastic color mixer and make it keep idling for a while, then the machine can be put into production only after no abnormalities rise.
(3) Check if the stirring tank is clean, and make sure no sundries inside.
(4) Check the inflexibility and effectiveness of the safety switch.
2. Safe Operations
(1) Add materials to the color mixer according to requested formula.
(2) Lid the cover before starting up the motor and control the mixing process within regulated time.
(3) No putting hands into the mixer during its working. Before checking the materials, you should stop the machine first.
(4) Only after the power is cut off, can the cleaning be done.
3. Halt Working
(1) Turn off the switch, shut down the residual current circuit-breaker and cut off the power supply before operators are off duty.
(2) When the plastic color mixer is halt, operators should clean the devices, especially those turnable parts, to promise no thick dust is piled.

(1) Irrelevant items are not allowed to place around, which can help to ventilate the machine and makes it durable.
(2) Check the power source and lubrication of the speed reducer, then do the experimental starting to check the rotation direction. If motor of the color mixer rotates in wrong direction, appeal to an electrician for inspection and repairing.
(3) With no doubt that the machine functions well, set the working hour and put in materials, then cover the lid, clasp the handle and keep the mixing process for 5-8minutes.
(4) When the color mixer is halted, material outlet should be closed to keep material tank clean and power should be cut off.
(5) If material or pigment is changed, material tank should be cleaned with cloth and alcohol.
(6) During cleaning, opening the protective housing is forbidden, so is blowing blades with blower gun when the plastic color mixer is working.
(7) Lubricate the speed reducer with No.2 lithium grease and bearing with No.20 engine oil every 1-3 months depending on the factual using status.
(8) Check and fasten the locking screw of speed reducer weekly.
(9) Once malfunction arises, appeal to maintenance for repairing immediately.
(10) Shut down the power switch if the color mixer will be kept out of working for long time.

Package and Delivery
1. All items offered by us are packaged in standard safety regulations. The packaged cargoes are damp-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, which promise cargoes are safely delivered to customers.
2. A product list is attached to each pack.
3. The packaging, marks and certifications of the cargoes meet national regulations and requirements of customers.
4. Customer can assign staff to our factory to check product quality and supervise the loading of machines.
5. The cargo is delivered 7 days after we receive the down payment and the base condition for the machine is assured to be qualified in a written notice.

Payment (L/C T/T Cash)

(1) 30% of the cost is paid in advance after the signature of the contract.
(2) 40% of the cost is paid after the cargo is delivered.
(3) 20% of the cost is paid after the cargo is received and checked by customers..
(4)Payment of 10% of the cost is prolonged for one year as the quality assurance.

After-Sale Service
Warranty period of our products is one year. In this year, machines can be delivered back to our factory for repair because of non-artificial breakdown, while postage is offered by customers.