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TPR Sole Mold

TPR sole mold is specialized in production of TPR soles and sloe accessories. It is divided into single/ double/ triple color TPR sole foaming mold. Components and operations are different in various sole mold types. For example, single color TPR sole mould is made up of upper mold and bottom mould. Once sole material injection is finished, sole product comes into being immediately. While double color TPR sole mold is composed of upper mould, middle mould and bottom mould. It needs twice injection procedures and manual operation on middle mould.

Design Procedure

Step one is to design program flow chart, including CAD flow chart, 2D design, structure design, 3D inspection etc. Then, finish CAM designs for TPR sole molds, including NC programming, processing form, electronic discharging form, CNC and EDM. At last, combine data together, optimize program flow chart and apply it into production of TPR sole foaming molds.

1. During production of soles, TPR sole mold is fixed in shoe injection foaming machine. Sole material is injected into moulds when they are rotated to regulated positions. Injection is controlled by program, and whole procedure takes three minutes.
2. With only average wear-resistance but low cost, TPR sole mold is popularly applied to produce nice-looking sole accessories.

1. Advanced machines are imported from abroad to produce high-quality TPR sole foaming molds. 45 numerical controlled grinding machines and 4 special designing rooms are equipped in our plant for production of TPR sole molds. 3D scanner, bench and testing machine are imported from Germany. Chromatic 3D mould making machine is imported from the USA, it can motivate 3/4/5 axis work together.
2. Material of molds is the best iron from a professional manufacturer in Guangdong province. It passes ISO9001:2000 authentication.
3. Service centers are set up all around the world. Customers can appeal to our professional serviceman for repairing, technology consulting and maintenance of TPR sole molds.

Purchase Attentions

(1) Products by TPR Sole Foaming Molds
(2) Mould Life ( >5 Years)
(3) Mould Size
(4) Material Feeder of TPR Sole Molds

1. Clean remnant material with cooper bars, coop wires and special detergents (no rigid items like iron bars and wires) when sole production finishes. Then, dry moulds wither blower. Polish rusty surface and spray it with rust-preventative oil. At last, TPR sole molds should be place in dry, no-dust, shady and cool room.
2. Various problems may arise after consecutive working for more than one month, hence, regular maintenances for TPR sole molds are necessary.
(1) Remove the rust.
(2) Lubricate TPR sole foaming molds.
(3) Change worn-out components into new ones.
(4) Apply other maintenances or repairing work.

(1) TPR sole molds passed ISO certification.
(2) Payment is by L/C or T/T.
(3) Moulds is delivered 20 days after confirmation of wooden mould and packaged by cardboards or three-layer crates.

A series of strict tests are conducted to check quality of TPR sole molds, including lit groove, hardness etc. Molds are not out of shape even in heating of 400 ℃. By virtue of high quality, TPR sole foaming molds are highly praised by customers at home and abroad. If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us.