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EVA Shoes Mold


EVA shoes injection foaming mould is involved in production of EVA shoes with EVA shoes injection foaming machine. Products made by EVA shoes moulds are shoes, sole accessories, and soles of sneakers, board shoes, climbing boots etc.

Design Procedure

EVA shoes mold designing has several procedures. Firstly, program flow chart is designed by CAD, including 2D structure picture and 3D inspection. Then, CAM is applied in NC programming, processing form, CNC and EDM etc. Thirdly, combine separated data of the EVA shoes mould, process the flow chart and inspect its quality with shoes making machine. Only qualified shoes mould in the test can be put into use.


There are two kinds of EVA shoes injection foaming moulds, namely once-forming EVA shoes mould and post forming EVA shoes mold. The former is processed in high temperature for only one time while the latter is heated in high temperature twice.

EVA shoes mould is mainly molded from aluminium alloy, and works as accessory of shoe injection foaming machine. In shoe making procedure, EVA is injected into the mould and shaped into soles through high temperature.

1. Strict inspection standard is applied to test EVA shoes molds. For example, hardness test is conducted by HR80 standard. Besides, EVA shoes moulds will not be out of shape even in high temperature of 400 ℃. Four strict quality tests are conducted after being produced.
2. Material to make the EVA shoes injection foaming mould is from top products of a famous brand in Guangdong province, which can promise high quality of EVA shoes molds.
3. We have more experience of more than ten years. Professional research and development teams are established to advance quality and designing, which gains good reputation among customers at home and abroad.
4. We have thorough after-sale services for our EVA shoes moulds. Many service centers are established for repairing, consulting and maintenance. Besides, price of shoes moulds is lower than that of most manufacturers’, because present business target of Jili Co. is to expand its market.

Purchase Attentions about EVA Shoes Molds

(1) Usage Scope of EVA Shoes Mould
(2) Working Hours
(3) Mould Size


(1) Clean EVA shoes moulds with cooper rod, cooper wire or special cleaning agent, then, dry them with blower. Rigid items like iron wire, steel bars are forbidden in case that surface of EVA shoes mold is damaged. Rust spots should be polished and then apply anti-preventative oil to shoe molds and place them in dry, no-dust, shady and cool situation.
(2) Problems of component wear, metamorphic lubricating oil and corrosion by water and glue etc. must be solved through necessary maintenance.
(3) Maintenances of EVA shoes moulds have various aspects, including rust removal, lubrication, changing worn fittings and repairing etc.


ISO Certification
Payment of EVA Shoes Mould


Wood shoe mould is delivered 25 days after order. Cargo is covered with cardboard or three-ply wood.
Jili products gain good reputations from both native and foreign customers. We have highly qualified engineers, technicians and advanced devices to keep high quality of products. Jili is comprehensively competitive among shoes making machine manufacturers in China.