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Shoes Auxiliary Equipment

Categories of Shoes Auxiliary Equipments

1. Raw Material Mixer
Raw material mixer is a main part of shoes auxiliary equipments. It refers to a machine that mixes raw materials into a homogeneous mixture with blades of high rotation speed in certain cylinder or groove. It is also called mixing machine because it is designed to mix dry powder and mortar. There are several kinds of mixers, namely forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer etc.
2. Crusher
Crusher is also called pulverizer. Its main components are rack, side guard plate, transmission part, regulation device, flywheels and lubrication device. The machine is not only used as a shoes auxiliary equipment, but also applied to crush plastics and RB products such as plastic profile, pipes, sticks, silk yarns, films and wasted rubber. Granular material crushed by this pulverizer can immediately be used in extruder or injection moulding machine or be cycled through basic granulation.
3. Air Compressor
Air Compressor is applied in production of various items, such as shoes, trade marks, decals, umbrellas, raincoats, portfolios, reticules, stationeries, air blowing toys, water beds, sun louvers and vacuum packages, etc. Our company employs air compressor from Yaoquan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. This shoes auxiliary equipment can work with only single power source and condensed air. This air compressor has cooling system inside, which makes the installment easier.
4. Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower is a device to transfer heat energy from water to air to cool down water recycling system in air conditioner or industrial production. It is mainly applied in cooling system of plastic injection moulding, leather making, foaming, electricity generation, aluminum processing, air compressor etc. It is also an important shoes auxiliary equipment for our shoes making machine.
5. Color Mixer
Color mixer is a device to mix plastic material and color master batch with blades in high rotation speed for the purpose of mixing color and drying materials.
6. Drip Molding Machine
The drip molding machine is also an important shoes auxiliary equipment. Drip Molding is a process during which paste resin is dissolved into esters, like DOP etc, and then mixed with color master batch. The mixture is dripped onto moulds which are made from aluminum, copper, silastic and then makes moulds stereo and colorful in appearance through heat treatment.


1. Pre-Sale Service
To check the quality of our shoes making machines, customers can use the machine to mould any product according to samples they want. Customers can also watch the process of operation of machines in our company, or we send the product processed by the machine to customers by express.
2. In-Sale and After-Sale Service
Flimsy fittings are freely attached to every machine in case that the old ones go wrong or need to be changed immediately. Warranty period of one year is offered to each machine, during which we can change the inartificially damaged main parts like dynamos, oil motors, oil cylinders etc, but flimsy fittings referred above excluded, into new ones.
3. Other Service
Once machine is received, we will assign a technician to install the machine and train staff to use this machine if customer requests. During this period, customer should offer spending for the technician on visa, air plane tickets and accommodations. Our company can also introduce experts for young-established factories.

Our company is specialized in shoes making machines and equipments for making soles of slippers, sandals and sneakers in materials like EVA, PVC, TPR, and RB, etc. Our machines have gained good reputations both at home and abroad by virtue of its high-quality, effective and considerate services. Our products have been widely sold to countries like Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and countries in Central Asia.