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TPR Sole Injection Moulding Machine

TPR Sole Injection Moulding Machine


1. TPR sole injection machine (thermal plastic rubber sole injection moulding machine) is specialized in production of one/two color TPR soles.
2. Its most advantage is energy saving. TPR sole injection moulding machine has a low gross power of 27 KW.
3. With a touch screen, the TPR sole making machine realizes an industrial computer-human interaction interface by PLC controlling.
4. Rotary TPR shoe sole injection moulding machine is controlled by double proportion system. It assures quality of products because injection speed, material volume and pressure can be adjusted.
5. Data of the TPR sole injection machine is accurate because of digital measurement.
6. TPR shoe sole injection moulding machine is designed rationally, it can be operated without specialists.

Parameters of JIC512 TPR Sole Injection Moulding Machine

Item Unit Specification
Type JIC512
Raw Material PVC
Workstation 12,16,20
Screw Diameter mm ?60,?50
Injection Volume (Max.) cm3 565,300
Rated Injection Pressure MPa 105,95
Heating Power KW 5.6 × 2
Motor Power KW 15,11
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0-190
Clamping Force T 60
Mould Size (Max.) mm 280 × 350 × 150
Mould Height mm 60-150
Machine Size mm 7500 × 3050 × 1800
Gross Weight kg 8500
Our company offers considerate services. To check the quality of our rotary TPR sole making machine, customers can use it to mould any product according to samples they want. Customers can also watch process of operation of machines in our company, or we send a product processed by the machine to customers by express.
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