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EVA Slipper Injection Machine

EVA Slipper Injection Machine


1. Injection System
Controlled under PLC and PC systems, EVA slipper injection moulding machine uses potentiometer and counting mechanism to work out accurate quantity of material needed. EVA slipper shoe injection machine is drove by linear sliding rail and broke motor, and it moves rapidly by control from frequency converter. Location device applies rotary encoder to inspect the exact location.
2. Mould Closing System
Mould opening/closing of EVA slipper injection moulding machine is rapid and the latter is assured to be proceed in a sealed unit.
3. Controlling System
It applies human-computer interaction interface and touch screen on basis of windows operation system. Our machine realizes real-time controlling in producing process, including material rotate speed, injection quantity, infection time, injection temperature, sulfuring time and productivity. In PLC and PC controlling system, EVA slipper shoe injection machine is easy to operate.
4. Oil Hydraulic System
Proportional control valve is applied into EVA slipper injection moulding machine to control oil pressure and flow.
5. Energy Saving
Water-free heating plates in thermal insulation material can greatly save energy.
6. Others
According to Ergonomics, EVA slipper injection moulding machine is designed in low operation height. Apart from this, it can produce moulds in thickness of 100-260 mm.

Parameters of JIC9106 EVA Slipper Injection Machine

Item Unit Specifications
Type JIC9102 JIC9106 JIC9108
Raw Material EVA EVA EVA
Workstation 2 6 8
Screw Diometer mm 60 ?60 × 2 ?60 × 2
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0-165 0-165 0-165
Injection Volume (Max.) cm3 920 920 × 2 920 × 2
Rated Injection Pressure MPa 100 100 100
Screw Heating Power KW 12 12 12
Mould Heating Power KW 26 77 102
Hydraulic Motor Power KW 40.5 59 59
Gross Power KW 78 148 173
Clamping Force T 150 150 150
Mould Size(Max) mm 290 × 550 290 × 550 290 × 550
Mould Height mm 100-260 100-260 100-260
Machine Size mm 4180 × 4600 × 2865 8480 × 4600 × 2865 10000 × 4600 × 2865
Gross Weight kg 9000 23000 28000
Our company is specialized in machines for making soles of slippers, sandals and sneakers in materials like EVA, PVC, TPR, and RB, etc. We have professional designing technology, developing, producing, and marketing in shoe-making machine field. Besides, we offer considerate after-sale services to customers.
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