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Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower


Water cooling tower is a device to transfer heat energy from water to air to cool down the water in water recycling system of air conditioner and industrial production. Main requirements which should be satisfied when choosing a right water tower are cooling temperature, cooling capacity, wet-bulb temperature etc, besides, the cooling tower should be placed in workshop with good ventilation. Main parts of the water cooling system are heat dissipation material, water distribution system, ventilating devices, air distribution devices, demister and tower basin etc.

Work Process

Water flows into the water distribution system and is cooled down by honeycomb cooling fins and cooling fan in the water cooling tower. The honeycomb cooling fins disperse the flow evenly, and the cooling fan cools down the water with counter air flowing upwards. The cooled water falls to tower basin and flows out. The demister is applied in the water distribution of the water cooling system to prevent cooled water from floating upwards because of the counter air flow, which reduces water loss. In the cooling tower, a silencer is employed above the tower basin to keep cooled water from splashing around. The ladder is used for inspection and maintenance of the cooling fan.

1. Water in the water cooling tower flows from top to the bottom of the fillings, while the air flows counter the water.
2. High-performance counter-flow cooling system works in three steps. Firstly, hot water flows from water distributor to fillings, during which heat can be transferred to air. Secondly, water in fillings releases heat into the counter air flow. Thirdly, cooled water in the cooling tower falls to the tower basin. In North China, temperature of cooled water can even reduce by 1-2℃ in the third step. Hence, compared with the transverse flow ones, counter-flow water cooling towers have higher cooling efficiency and needs only 80% fillings of the former ones.
3. The water distribution system is rarely clogged. Fillings are clean and durable. Besides, the counter-flow cooling tower has advantages of low backflow moisture and convenient anti-freezing measures, etc.


Installation Place
(1) The water cooling tower should be installed in ventilated place. Air inlet should not be close to buildings, which promises that the cool air can flow into the tower and prevents the heated air from flowing back.
(2) No warm moisture or heavy dust is allowed in working place.
(3) Open place should be chosen to reduce noise pollution caused by cooling tower.

Installation of Pipe Lines

(1) Keep the water cooling tower horizontal in case of inefficiency because of unbalanced water.
(2) Gas/ Electric welding is forbidden on the FRP top to avoid fire.
(3) Circulating water pump is installed lower than the tower basin and the water outlet not higher than the maximum water level of the tower basin.
(4) Pipe racking system of the cooling tower is designed to support the weight of pipes directly.
(5) Communicating pipe is used to balance the water level when several water cooling towers work together.
(6) Although the cooling fan has passed the balance test, please check if the fan is matched well with the wheel before installation of the cooling tower.
(7) Seal the wire connector after installation of motor to prevent water inflow.

Parameters of Water Cooling Tower

Type 10T 15T 20T 25T 30T
Water Flow m3/h 7.81 11.7 15.6 19.5 19.5
Air Flow m3/h 5100 8400 9600 12000 12000
Motor Power KW 0.18 0.37 0.55 0.75 0.75
Tower Height mm 1830 1695 1895 2005 2005
Fan Diameter mm 635 635 770 770 770
Basin Diameter mm 940 1180 1180 1415 1415
Foundation Height mm 300 300 300 300 300
Foundation Width mm 300 300 300 300 300
Center Diameter mm 580 780 780 1100 1100
Screw Type BC M10 M10 M10 M10 M10
Weight kg 46 54 67 98 130


(1) The water cooling tower has advantages of small size, low height and light weight etc.
(2) Advanced structure meets international standards.
(3) FRP is applied to manufacture the tower body, which is durable, indeformable and fadeless.
(4) Ultra-low noise draught fan and unique noise elimination of water spraying are at advanced level.
(5) Energy consumption of motor is reduced by 30% than that of other cooling towers. Completed pipe lines can reduce cost because it can work in closed circulation.
(6) With highly efficient water collection device, water loss rate is low, hence it protects the environment from being frozen in cold days.
(7) Steel frame of the water cooling tower is galvanized and coated with electrostatic spraying or other protective materials, which makes it corrosion resistant and durable as two times as those of other water towers.

Purchase Notices
Before purchasing a cooling tower, you should choose the right type at first.
(1) Make sure which cooling water volume you need, if the regular one can meet demand, you can choose it directly.
(2) Industrial water tower can meet the demand of large temperature-drop coefficient.
(3) Square shaped ones are in parallel to solve problems of space restrictions.
(4) Ultra-low noise water cooling tower or the transverse flow water tower can meet demand of low noise.

(1) Oil level of speed reducer should be frequently checked. Hypoid gear oil (No. 22-No.28) or industrial gear oil (No.90-No.120) is suggested as the lubricating oils.
(2) Fan, motor and speed reducer of the cooling tower should be checked before running. Wire connection of motor must obey original wire diagram to avoid malfunction. After the right wire connection, start up the motor with slow speed and increase the speed slowly. With right blade angle, if the actual electric current exceeds rated electric current, you should stop the motor of the water cooling tower and report this case to our company. Adjustment of blade angle should meet required standards.
(3) Measures for water quality stabilization, such as water filter should be applied during water circulation and water supply. If necessary, germicide and algicide should be applied.
(4) GFRP material is combustible, so open fire is forbidden during the maintenance of the cooling tower. But if it is necessary to apply open fire, related safety measurement should be carried out and it should be approved by fire protection department and security department. Besides, special firefighters and firefight devices are requested to promise security on the scene. There here are available flameproof FRP to choose, too, while cost is higher.
(5) Design of thermal performance and techniques about noise and vibration are in the charge of the fourth design and research institute of machine building ministry, and the quality of the water cooling tower is in the charge of its manufacturing plant. If users request the quality supervision from the fourth design and research institute of machine building ministry, technical protocol should be signed among user, cooling tower manufacturer and research institute.
(6)Quality of Circulation Water
Item Make-up Water Circulation Water
PH (25℃) 6~8 6~8
Electric Conductivity (uv/CM) < 200 < 500
Total Hardness(CaCO3) p p m < 50 < 200
M Alkalinity(CaCO3) p p m < 50 < 100
Chlorid ion (CL) p p m < 50 < 200
Sulfate ion (SO4) p p m < 50 < 200
Ferric ion (Fe) p p m < 0.3 < 1.0


1. Inspection and Debug before Running the Water Cooling Tower
(1) Adjust scrows and tightness of the belts etc.
(2) Inspect if the motor and speed reducer work well.
(3) Clean the water pan and filter of the cooling tower, and check the sealing of the water pan etc. Adjust floating ball level to meet that of the water pan.
(4) Adjust the blade angle, measure electric current of the motor and set them in most efficient way.
(5) Adjust water inlet and outlet of the water cooling tower to meet requested water flow.
(6) Only steps above are finished, pipe lines can be connected can you start up the water tower.
2. Inspection and Maintenance during Operation
(1) The shoes manufacturer should inspect the tower regularly, collect advices from users and have knowledge that if the cooling tower functions well.
(2) Inspection statistics contain inflow/outflow temperature and electric current of motor etc.
(3) Motor, speed reducer and water distribution system etc. should be inspected.
(4) Solve the malfunctions immediately to promise normal function of the water cooling tower.


1. Distribution System
(1) Inspect or clean pipes and nozzles of the cooling tower regularly, it makes them unblocked and balances the sprayed water.
(2) Clean tower basin and water filter to avoid blocking because of incrustations. Open the water escape valve and discharge all the water in case of being frozen.
(3) Check the sealing of water pan and other parts. If water leaks out, repair the water cooling tower with special adhesive.
2. Cooling System
(1) Clean all fillings regularly and remove all incrustations. Repairing and changing the fillings into new ones during dismantlement. Fillings should be tightly placed without gaps.
(2) Clean the water eliminator and acoustic blanket regularly, repair or change the broken one immediately. The water eliminator should be arrayed tightly to avoid that water sprays out. Fill the cooling tower with water to check if it is sealed well. If water leaks out, change the sealing elements.
3. Drive System
(1) Check the wire connectors of the motor regularly. Make sure motor of the water cooling tower runs normally. Lubricating oil should be applied in hearings according to factual need, so is the lacquer of motor shell. More than three working hours every month are required to keep the motor coil dry, besides, lubrication on the bearings are needed.
(2) Check the running of speed reducer often, If any strange sound arises, change its bearings immediately.
(3) Adjust fastening screws, loosen the belt to make it durable. Check if belts of the cooling tower are obsolete, broken or ruptured, change it into new ones if necessary. Check belt pulleys and levelness of the motor frame regularly. Fasten screws regularly and change the rusty screws into new ones. Clean the blades of the fan and check the blade angle. Adjust the distance between blades and fan stack.
4. Tower Shell
(1) Clean the fan stack, tower shell and air inlet guide plate of the water cooling tower thoroughly.
(2) Fasten all screws and change the rusty screws into new ones.
(3) Inspect the shell carefully to find out the obsolete, broken or ruptured surface. Repair and reinforce the shell immediately.
(4) Check the sealing of the wall boards of the cooling tower, repair the broken place with special adhesives.
5. Accessories
(1) Check the automatic water replenishing device in the water cooling tower regularly, especially the floating ball. Repair mal-functional ones or change them into new ones.
(2) Fasten all screws and change the rusty screws into new ones. Paint the rusty hardware, and anti-rust measure can be applied at early stage of the rusty hardware.
(3) Inlet pipe and outlet pipe should be inspected regularly to avoid problems of leakage, breakage and cleanness. Fan stack should be sealed in case that sundries fall into the cooling tower.

Package and Delivery
1. All items offered by us are packaged in standard safety regulations. The packaged cargoes are damp-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, anti-rough handling, which promise cargoes are safely delivered to customers.
2. A product list is attached to each pack.
3. The packaging, marks and certifications of the cargoes meet national regulations and requirements of customers.
4. Customer can assign staff to our factory to check product quality and supervise the loading of machines.
5. The cargo is delivered 7 days after we receive the down payment and the base condition for the machine is assured to be qualified in a written notice.

Payment (L/C T/T Cash)

(1) 30% of the cost is paid in advance after the signature of the contract.
(2) 40% of the cost is paid after the cargo is delivered.
(3) 20% of the cost is paid after the cargo is received and checked by customers..
(4)Payment of 10% of the cost is prolonged for one year as the quality assurance.

After-Sale Service
Warranty period of our products is one year. In this year, machines can be delivered back to our factory for repair because of non-artificial breakdown, while postage is offered by customers.
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