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TPU Slipper Injection Machine

TPU Slipper Injection Machine


TPU slipper injection moulding machine is used in production of single color TPU shoes. An industrial computer-human interaction interface is applied to control the process. TPU slipper injection machine is controlled by PLC, and the data is displayed on touch screen. Double proportion hydraulic system controls pressure and flow, which makes it reasonable and convenient to operate and keeps stable product quality. Digital measurement makes operations accurate.

Parameters of JIC612S TPU Shoes Injection Machine

Item Unit Specification
Type JIC612S
Raw Material TPU
Workstation 12
Injection Volume (Max.) cm3 565
Rated Injection Pressure MPa 90
Heating Power KW 9
Limit of Temperature Point 5
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0-150
Screw Diometer mm θ60
Motor Power KW 15
Clamping Force T 120
Mould Size (Max.) mm 320 × 158 × 300
Mould Height mm 300
Machine Size mm 5300 × 3920 × 2190
Gross Weight kg 10000
Layout and designing of Jili TPU shoes injection moulding machine are reasonable, which makes operations easy. It can be manipulated by workers without special knowledge because it is under complete automatic controlling. So, labor power is greatly saved.
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