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Rubber Sole Mold

Rubber sole mold is mainly used to produce soles and sole accessories with rubber. It realizes sole production in cooperation with shoe injection foaming machine. Single/ Double color rubber mold is optional for customers. Made from aluminium and iron, rubber sole mould can work under 400 ℃ without deformation. During production process of soles, rubber is melted and molded into desired shapes. Soles made by rubber sole molds are wear-resistant and cost-effective.

Design Process

1. Initially, a program flow chart is designed. Then realize design by CAD, NC. Thirdly, produce mould by CNC and modify it until it is qualified.
2. After process above is finished, texture rubber sole molds with decorative figures of soles. Test rubber sole moulds in shoe injection moulding machine, only qualified ones can be put in market for sale.

It is made up of upper mold, middle mold, bottom mold etc. During sole production, rubber is melted in closed bottom and shaped into desired styles. Upper mold of rubber sole mold is responsible for process of inside soles, bottom mold is mainly for outside soles, and middle mold works to control the proportion between size of inside soles and outside soles.

1. Material of rubber sole moulds is from a famous aluminium alloy manufacturer in Guangdong province. Made from best aluminium alloy of that company, rubber sole molds can produce soles with high quality.
2. To keep advanced technology and fashionable shoe design, we established a professional research and development team. With experience of sole molds production for more than ten years, we sell high-quality rubber sole molds well at home and abroad. Besides, our products are highly praised by customers.
3. Functions and quality of Rubber sole molds are tested more than four times, it promised rubber sole moulds work well in sole production.
4. Service centers are set up in many areas around the world. After-sale services for rubber sole molds are provided to customers, including repairing, maintenance and technology consulting.
5. To expand market, we offer high-quality sole moulds with lower price than that of other manufacturers.

Purchase Attentions

(1) Make clear of applications of rubber sole molds. Because rubber is wear-resistant, solos of boots and superior sneakers are produced by Rubber sole moulds.
(2) Mould life is more than 5 years.
(3) Choose moulds of right size.

Maintenance of Rubber Sole Mold

1. Rubber sole mould should be cleaned with cooper bars, cooper wires or special cleaning agents after it finished working. Remember no rigid items like iron wires and steel bars are allowed for cleaning in case that mould surface is scratched. After cleaning, dry moulds with blower, polish rusty mould surface and apply rust-preventative oil onto it. Storage place of rubber sole molds should be dry, dustless, cool and shady.
2. Maintenance on rust removal, oil lubrication, worn-out accessories and repairing should be implemented after moulds have been consecutively used for one month.


Rubber sole mold has passed ISO authentication.

Payment and Delivery

Rubber sole moulds are paid by L/C or T/T and delivered 20 days after confirmation of wooden moulds. Cargos are packaged with cardboards or three-layer crates.

Jili is specialized in production of shoe injection foaming machine, shoe making auxiliary equipments and shoe moulds. Have passed a series of quality inspections, our products are of high quality. For example, rubber sole mold is undeformed even under heating of 400 ℃.