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Crusher is also called pulverizer. Its main components are rack, side guard plate, transmission part, regulation device, flywheels and lubrication device. The machine is not only used as a shoes auxiliary equipment, but also applied to crush plastics and RB products such as plastic profile, pipes, sticks, silk yarns, films and wasted rubber. Granular material crushed by this pulverizer can immediately be used in extruder or injection moulding machine or be cycled through basic granulation.


Crushers are applied to smash various things, including Chinese herbal medicine, chemical materials, ores of low rigidity and industrial materials like polystyrene, polypropylene, polyamides, engineering plastics, injection nozzles etc. Equipped with the right mesh screen, pulverizer can expand its applications to plastic wastes such as blow moulds, calendar plastic moulds and plastic plates etc.


1. Crusher can recycle materials in 30 seconds without being delayed until the collective crushing.
2. Time-saving material recycle can avoid contamination because of mixed materials, which can reduce cost in plastic materials, labor power, management and storage, etc.
3. It is easy to disassemble the machine and change materials. Small-size pulverizer covers a small area for work, which makes it available even in a narrow workshop.
4. Motor of the crusher is running at medium speed with low noise and is energy-saving. It is equipped with overload protection device and power protection system, which makes operation and cleaning process safer.
5. Pulverizer is widely used in recycle of drainage materials, such as PU, PVC, PC, ABC etc.


1. Electric equipments of the crusher are motor, appliances from famous Schneider Company and Chint Company.
2. Cutter material is 9Sicr.
3. Mesh screen is made from quality carbon steel plate in thickness of 4.5 mm and in bore diameter of 6mm.
4. Famous Fushan bearings are applied in the crusher.
5. Material hopper of the pulverizer is made from single-deck stainless steel, and the charging basket is in stainless steel, too.

Oil Technical Specification

Turbine lubrication oil is applied to lubricate the bearings, and the oil should be available in both static and cycle oil system. The lowest viscosity of the oil is requested to be 100 SSU under working temperature of bearings of the crusher. Turbine lubrication oil is requested to be available in low initial temperature (>=20 F or >=11 ℃) or in winter.

Parameters of Crusher

Type Crushing Chamber
Crushing Ability
Rotary Cutter
Stationary Cutter
Motor Power
Machine Size
Gross Weight
PC300 320 × 240 220-300 9 2 5.5 1150 × 820 × 1100 370
PC400 420 × 275 350-500 12 2 7.5 1250 × 910 × 1340 500
PC500 520 × 300 450-600 15 2 11 1410 × 1020 × 1500 650
PC600 620 × 340 600-800 18 4 15 1810 × 1200 × 1770 900


1. Materials are automatically recycled.
2. Crushers in different types are alternative to meet needs of various materials.
3. Contact surface with materials is made from stainless steel, which can promise high purity of materials.
4. Dust collector is applied to avoid air pollution caused by industrial dust.
5. The pulverizer is designed in beautiful appearance with harmonious colors and fine paint spraying. With a rational layout and energy-saving designing, the economic crusher is convenient to operate. Hopper, crushing chamber and mesh screen are designed in separate way, which makes dismantlement and cleaning convenient. Feeding opening is designed in vertical screen to avoid splashing of materials.
6. Sound insulation is applied behind and beside the crusher to reduce noise.
7. Protection shell is used to make the belt pulley safe.
8. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and convenient.
9. Imported tool steel are applied in the cutters to make them durable. Cutters can be repeatedly grinded when they are blunt.

Purchase Notices

1. Material type is the supreme factor to choose a right crusher, because different materials are of various rigidity and structure, which initially defines the suitable pulverizer.
2. Rigidity of materials is directly related to their fragility. Fragility is expressed in term of Mohs’ hardness scale. Rigidity can be divided into 10 hardness scales, and higher scale means larger difficulty to crush the material and higher requirement for crushers. Fragility is a physical property of material and tells whether the material is easy to crush or not. Main elements that can affect fragility are strength, rigidity, density, structure, water content, viscidity, crack, surface condition and shape etc.


1. During running of the crusher, please check if it is assembled well to promise normal work.
2. Pulverizer and power unit must be fixed well. If the pulverizer is requested for long-term work in the regular location, it should be immobilized on the cement floor. If the crusher is requested for movable operation, it should be installed on the angle-iron engine basement, and the pulley groove of the power unit (diesel or electric motor) must be flush with that of the crusher.
3. Fasteners should be checked after installment of the pulverizer. If fasteners are loose, please screw up them. Besides, tightness of belts should be adjusted right.
4. Before starting of the crusher, please rotate the wheels and check if hock, hammer and rotors are flexible enough and whether collision happens inside the crushing chamber. Be sure that the rotation direction is in accordance with direction of the arrow. Keep motor and crushers well lubricated.
5. Do not change belts often because the high speed work station can cause explosion. Besides, it affects the normal work efficiency of the belts.
6. The crusher should keep working for 2-3 min with its basket empty once upon its start, after which materials can be fed into the pulverizer if the rotation works well.
7. Check the working situation regularly. Keep material well-distributed and working hour not overload. If phenomena of vibration, noise, high temperature of the bearing and sprinkle of material occur, halt crusher and solve problems before restarting the machine.
8. Workshop should be clean. No items unrelated with work are placed around.
9. No affairs unrelated with work is done during operation of the crusher.
10. Do not put hands into the crushing chamber.
11. No metal items are thrown into the crushing chamber.
12. Wet hands are forbidden to touch switch in case of electric shock.
13. Cut the power off after stop of the crusher.


(1) The plastic crusher should be ventilated to release heat caused by motor, which can prolong work hour of the machine.
(2) Bearings should be lubricated regularly.
(3) Cutters and screws should be checked regularly. If it is a new machine, fasten screws of rotary cutters and stationary cutters, and reinforce the joint of blades and blades carrier after the new crusher works for the first hour.
(4) To keep cutters sharp, they should be often inspected in case of evitable damage of other parts caused by blunt cutters.
(5) Clean the residual material after the pulverizer is halted. Keep bearings lubricated.

Package and Delivery

1. All items offered by us are packaged in standard safety regulations. The packaged cargoes are damp-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, rough-handling-proof, which promises cargoes are safely delivered to customers.
2. A product list is attached to each pack.
3. Package, marks and certifications of the cargoes meet national regulations and requirements of customers.
4. Customer can assign staff to our factory to check product quality and supervise the loading procedure of machines.
5. The cargo is delivered 7 days after we receive down payment and the base condition for running the machine is assured qualified in a written notice.

Payment (L/C T/T Cash)

(1) 30% of the cost is paid in advance after the signature of the contract.
(2) 40% of the cost is paid after the cargo is delivered.
(3) 20% of the cost is paid after the cargo is received and checked by customers..
(4)Payment of 10% of the cost is prolonged for one year as the quality assurance.

After-Sale Service
Warranty period of our products is one year. In this year, machines can be delivered back to our factory for repair because of non-artificial breakdown, while postage is offered by customers.
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