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Double Color TPR Sole Mold

Double Color TPR Sole Mold
Double color TPR sole mold is employed to produce soles with thermoplastic rubber. Its products are soles of jogging shoes, leisure shoes, tourist shoes and sneakers. Double color TPR sole mould has advantages of low cost, rapid injection speed and large clamping force, which endows shoe soles products with high quality and little material waste. It is composed of upper mould, middle mould and bottom mould. Two injection procedures are needed during working of double color TPR sole mold. Besides, middle mould is turned over by manual operation. Passed a series of strict quality tests (more than four tests), our moulds will not go out of shape even under 400℃.

1. Mould opens stably in high speed.
2. Double color TPR sole mold is moisture-resistant.
3. Operation is flexible.
4. Green leaves design shows that double color TPR sole mould is environment friendly.
5. High-quality steel is chosen as material of moulds.

1. We have advantages on technology and devices. Advanced equipments for production of double color TPR sole molds are imported from developed countries. 45 grinding machines and 4 special computer rooms are equipped to design and produce TPR sole molds. 3D scanner, bench and testing machine are imported from Germany, and chromatic 3D mould making machine is from America.
2. Material for double color TPR sole mold comes from a professional iron manufacturer in Guangdong province. It passes ISO9001:2000 certification.
3. Service centers are set up round the world. Customers can ask for help on repairing, maintenance and technology consulting in nearest service center.

Parameters of Double Color TPR Sole Mold

Color Double Color
Product Soles
Material Steel
Mould Style One Pair per Mould
Mould Size L(200-400) × W(150-240) × H(80-220) mm
Mould Weight 50-80 kg
Package Cardboard
Process CNC / Casting
Production Temperature 100℃-275℃
Delivery Time 20 Days after Confirmation of Wooden Mould
Mould Life > 5 Years
(1) Implement regular maintenance and cleaning for double color TPR sole moulds.
(2) Check injection position often.

(1) Moulds are delivered by sea.
(2) Payment is through L/C or T/T.

TPR sole moulds realize sole production in cooperation with shoe injection foaming machine. Production process is conducted by automatic controlling system, hence, operation of TPR sole mould is easy. Jili is specialized in production of shoe injection foaming machine, shoe moulds, shoe making auxiliary equipments etc. Our products are widely sold at home and abroad.
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