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Raw Material Mixer

Raw Material Mixer


Raw material vertical mixer is a main part of shoes auxiliary equipments. It refers to a machine that mixes raw materials into a homogeneous mixture with blades of high rotation speed in certain cylinder or groove. It is also called mixing machine because it is designed to mix dry powder and mortar. There are several kinds of mixers, namely forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer etc.


The raw material vertical mixer has three main parts which are responsible for working process, supporting and power respectively. The working portions are made up from stirrer, stirring shaft (including coupling), and mixing auxiliaries. The supporting portions are engine base and bearings. The power portions of the mixing machine include motor/dynamo and speed reducer.

Working Parts of Raw Material Vertical Mixer

1. Stirrer
Stirrer is named stirring blade, too. How to choose a right stirrer is based on several aspects, including the purpose of stirring, viscosity of materials and size of the stirrer. Besides, energy consumption, expenditure and maintenance of the stirrer, etc, should be taken into consideration when buying a mixing machine.
2. Stirring Shaft
It is used to fix stirrer of the raw material vertical mixer. It gains power from the speed reducer to decrease the flowing resistance. A stirring shaft is made up of journal, spindle nose and shaft. Metal to produce the stirring shaft is high-quality steel No. 45, steel, No. 35 and stainless steel.
3. Coupling
A coupling is used to joint two independent shafts tightly and makes sure that shafts co-rotate in concentric way. It also reduces shock in working process of the mixing machine.

Supporting Parts of Raw Material vertical Mixer

1. The motor/dynamo and speed reducer must work together.
2. Bearings of the raw material mixer are applied to support stirring shafts.
Power Parts of Raw Material vertical Mixer
1. The motor/dynamo often co-works with the speed reducer.
2. There are four kinds of speed reducers which are called belt speed reducer, double reduction gear speed reducer, cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer and harmonic speed reducer.
3. Transmission of the mixing machine is mainly made up from motor/dynamo, speed reducer and engine base.

Properties of Raw Material vertical Mixer

1. All stirrers apply highly efficient low-speed axial flow impellers. Stirring shafts and blades are installed and disassembled as integrity. The stirrer can work independently without considering the material volume in the dissolution tank, no matter if the tank is empty/ filled or if water is discharged/ injected into the tank. It can keep working more than 0.5 hour stably even the dissolution tank is in no-load condition. Stirrers of raw material vertical mixer can work more than 20,000 hours without failures. Strength and rigidity of materials which make the stirrer meet needs of regulated functions and long working hours.
2. During the working, the vibration of the motor system must be controlled less than 4 mm/s, and the noise less than 80 dB(A).
3. Cycloidal-pin gear speed reducers are used in the raw material vertical mixer with speed ratio of nine to one. Bearings are not needed outside speed reducers. Rated work hour of bearings is 30,000 hours. Shell of speed reducer is dust-proof and leakage-proof. Lubricating oil of the speed reducer works only below 70 ℃ and with temperature rise of less than 40 ℃.
4. Stirring shafts are designed in suspension type without base bearing. Straightness tolerance of stirring shafts is 0.1 mm/m. Stirring shafts of the raw material vertical mixer apply impeller to reduce energy loss during stirring process. A stabilizer is not needed because the stirring shaft impellor has three blades. Stirring shaft and impeller are installed and disassembled as integrity. Solid coupling is not applied underneath the speed reducer. Stirring shaft and impeller of the raw material vertical mixer are made from 316 stainless steel. Forms of the mixing machine are corrosion resistant.
5. Coaxiality tolerance and perpendicularity tolerance between stirring shaft and output shaft of the speed reducer is 0.05 mm/m. Properties, such as power, noise and vibration etc, of the raw material vertical mixer are tested after its installment during pilot run.
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